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    Flood & Water Damage Restoration Services of NEPA | Clean Force 1

     Flood and Water Restoration Services

    Here at Clean Force 1, we offer all kinds of damage restoration services, including water and flood damage restoration. Unfortunately, many of our homes and commercial properties are at risk of being impacted by floods, hurricanes, and other water damage causing entities. Luckily, Clean Force 1 has the skills and the staff to help you recover from all kinds of water damage as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We have decades of experience helping our clients recover from water damage caused by, but not limited to, the following:

    • Floods
    • Hurricanes
    • Burst Pipes
    • Clogged Toilets

    By working with Clean Force 1, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that an experienced, skilled, and professional team is at your disposal, should any incidents arise. By working with Clean Force 1, you get:

    • 24 / 7 Emergency Support
    • Highly Trained Water and Flood Restoration Specialists
    • A trusted leader in the water and flood recovery industry with over 20 years’ worth of experience helping people just like you recover from water, flood and sewage damage
    • Honest sales staff that work to minimize costs for both you and your insurance provider

    How it Works

    When you schedule a quote with Clean Force 1, one of our expert damage consultants will carefully review your situation, crafting a tailored disaster recovery plan specifically for you. Unlike other disaster recovery firms, Clean Force 1 will be completely open and honest with you and your insurance company about how we plan on mitigating your damage. By working with you openly, Clean Force 1 will devise a disaster mitigation plan that’s perfect for you and your home or business. Whether you’re suffering from water damage caused by natural disasters, burst pipes, plumbing issues, or anything else, Clean Force 1 will be able to quickly and efficiently help you recover from the damage caused. We follow a simple, easy to understand water and flood restoration process which consists of the following:

    • We devise a comprehensive and cost effective plan for dealing with the damage caused to your structure or residence.
    • We remove any standing water. The longer we wait after water damage to clean it up, the more extensive the damage becomes, making it more expensive to repair. Within just minutes, water damage can spread from one or two affected rooms to your entire building! After a few hours, pressure treated wood begins to swell, causing bacterial infections and strange odors throughout your home. After several days, the water can even begin to disintegrate your building, causing extremely expensive secondary damage. We clean up as much water as we can as fast as we can to ensure that these problems do not occur.
    • We proceed by finding the causes and sources of any odors within your building and mitigating them. During this phase, we also seek to salvage and recover as much of your property as possible, ensuring that we minimize expenses for both you and your insurance provider.
    • We perform any additional damage restoration services to restore your property to pre damage condition.

    Depending on the type, size, and severity of the damage, restoration could require additional stages to reach completion. Regardless of the water damage you have on your hands, Clean Force 1 and its professional staff can help you recover from it.

    Why Clean Force 1 is the Best Choice

    Other disaster restoration companies may offer services similar to ours, but none of them offer the expertise, personal service, and friendliness of Clean Force 1. Additionally, other disaster restoration companies won’t provide you with the small business feel of Clean Force 1. We work as hard as we can to mitigate any and all damage caused to your home or commercial building so you don’t have to. We also offer friendly 24 / 7 emergency support, complete with quotes and immediate service. Finally, Clean Force 1 works to minimize both damage and costs as much as possible, making sure that at the end of the day, you don’t have a financial disaster on your hands as well (we don’t offer recovery for those). Working with Clean Force 1 is the best choice for you and your business, as nobody will be able to provide more comprehensive disaster recovery services.

    Serving all of NEPA

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