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    Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleanse

    Clean Force 1 provides an array of damage restoration and cleanup services including carpet restoration. Carpet Damage includes everything that can stain or tarnish your carpet easily. These things include wine & fruit juices, sauces, grass & mud, and mold & mildew. CF1 specializes in helping you recover your carpet cleanliness as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With decades of experience in helping clients recover from a  plethora of different damage, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that an experienced, skilled, and professional team is at your disposal should any incidents arise.

    What to expect from us:

    • Competitive Pricing
    • 24 / 7 Emergency Support
    • Highly Trained Carpet Damage Cleanup and Recovery Specialists
    • Safe and All-Natural cleaning products
      • Unless the job requires something more than “Green Cleaning”


    Vacuums’ may pick up dirt and dust, but deep down in the fabrics lay something much worse. Down in these fabrics have stored wine stains, spilled spaghetti sauce, the smell from that milk that spilled last year. We offer deep spot cleaning to remove old stains and scents.


    Our commercial services include an encapsulated “dry-clean” method. This method allows us to not only wash the carpets, but to get them dried and ready faster than ever! Call today to set up an appointment and walkthrough for pricing estimates on your business!

    How it Works

    When you schedule a quote with Clean Force 1, one of our expert damage consultants will carefully review your situation, crafting a tailored disaster recovery plan specifically for you. Unlike other disaster recovery firms, Clean Force 1 will be completely open and honest with you and your insurance company about how we plan on mitigating your damage. By working with you openly, Clean Force 1 will devise a disaster mitigation plan that’s perfect for you and your home or business. Whether you’re suffering from damage caused by sewage backups, murders, suicides, the manufacture of methamphetamine or other illicit substances, or from any other cause, Clean Force 1 will be able to quickly and efficiently help you recover from the damage caused. We follow a simple, easy to understand biological damage restoration process which consists of the following:

    • We devise a comprehensive and cost effective plan for dealing with the damage caused to your structure or residence.
    • We immediately clean up as much damage as possible. Biological damage does more than cause a mess in your structure. It introduces harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can spread disease within your building. The longer we wait to perform cleanup, the more extensive it needs to be.
    • We proceed by finding the causes and sources of any odors and contaminants within your building and mitigating them. During this phase, we also seek to salvage and recover as much of your property as possible, ensuring that we minimize expenses for both you and your insurance provider.
    • We perform any additional damage restoration services to restore your property to pre damage condition.

    Depending on the type, size, and severity of the biological damage, restoration could require additional stages to reach completion. Regardless of what you have on your hands, Clean Force 1 and its professional staff can help you recover from it.

     Why Clean Force 1 is the Best Choice

    Other disaster restoration companies may offer services similar to ours, but none of them offer the expertise, personal service, and friendliness of Clean Force 1. Additionally, other disaster restoration companies won’t provide you with the small business feel of Clean Force 1. We work as hard as we can to mitigate any and all damage caused to your home or commercial building so you don’t have to. We also offer friendly 24 / 7 emergency support, complete with quotes and immediate service. Finally, Clean Force 1 works to minimize both damage and costs as much as possible, making sure that at the end of the day, you don’t have a financial disaster on your hands as well (we don’t offer recovery for those). Working with Clean Force 1 is the best choice for you and your business, as nobody will be able to provide more comprehensive disaster recovery services.

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